Social Risk: over 55 at risk of fraud on the Net

from La Repubblica‘s website, December 2, 2016

People over 55 years are definitely one of the best target for cyber-criminals. Even if the use of the Net is not totally spread throughout this cluster of population, those who use the Net for financial transactions – even the home banking simplest operations – can be easily – and largely – defrauded.
According to a recent analysis carried out by Kaspersky Lab, people aged 55 and over are behaving insecurely online and often become the victim of fraud. The survey questioned 12,546 Internet users across the globe and the results suggest that the older generation is actually a very attractive target for cyber-criminals. When they are online, many over-55s shop, bank and communicate with loved ones without effectively protecting themselves, and the things that are most important to them, from cyber-criminals.

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Social Risk: utenti over 55 a rischio truffe sulla rete. Come aiutarli?

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